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  • Color Gelled Ballet Photos - Christine Shevchenko – Principle, American Ballet Theater

    Client: Personal Work

    Talent: Christine Shevchenko – Principle, American Ballet Theater

    Photographer/Director: AlexisCuarezma

    One of the things I love doing is using color and light to give my images visual impact. For this project I had the pleasure of working with Christine Shevchenko, who's a principal at American Ballet Theater in New York. We did both, still photography and I wrote and direct a short narrative with her.

    I love having color contrast in my images and that's why I use a lot of complimentary colors. When it comes to lighting, I love combining warm and cool tones. One of the questions I get asked most often is if I use blue gels? And the answer is, VERY RARELY.

    What I much prefer to do is set my Kelvin temperature in the camera anywhere between 2500k-3500k. And that turns any daylight balance strobe, blue. Any warmth that I want to bring into the images, I gel the light. With a combination of CTO (color tint orange) and CTS (color tint straw) gels. I find that combing both of those gels, gives me the warmth I'm looking for.

    Even when I want to go for a monochromatic look, and just want one gold tone. I rare just do that in camera [with WB], I prefer to gel the lights and I find that using a combination of CTO/CTS gels gives me the warmth and gold tone I want.

    When I want a little less color contrast, my white balance is anywhere between 3500, and maybe 4000 Kelvin. And I'll gel the light depending on the mood I want, with more CTS gel. Which you can see above. Which is much more subtle then what I shoot at 2500k and combine a lot CTO/CTS gels (right image).

    The inspiration for this image was a portrait I did before of an artist named Hueman (below).

    As we were walking into the dance studio I noticed a wall that had red and white stripes and it reminded me of that image. I wanted to create something similar that didn't have any white at all in it, and just color purely for impact.

    To eliminate all the white from that wall I put a gridded light behind her that again had a combination of CTO/CTS gels. And behind that light, I had a light with no gel on it so it would bring out the red. And to light Christine in this photo, I actually had a CTB (color tint blue) to bring the blue for underneath. And on the sides I lit her with a green (Rosco Moss Green #89) and magenta (Rosco 60 Magenta 4760) gel.

    I absolutely love lighting and it's essential to how I make my images. Color, helps amplify the emotion and the mood that I want to evoke in my photography.

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    Products Used:
    Rosco Cinegel Filter #3408 RoscoSun 1/2 CTO (20 x 24" Sheet)
    Rosco Cinegel #3442 1/2 Straw CTS Filter (20 x 24" Sheet)
    Rosco # 3202 Full Blue CTB Color Conversion Gel Filter (20 x 24" Sheet)
    Rosco Roscolux #89 Filter - Moss Green - 20x24" Sheet
    Rosco CalColor #4760 Filter - Magenta (2 Stops) – 24"x25'
    Canon 5ds
    Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L
    SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Memory Card
    Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL 2-Light Location Kit
    Profoto Air Remote Transceiver
    Profoto 7" Grid Reflector for Profoto Flash Heads
    Dynalite 7" Honeycomb Grids (Set of 4)
    Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D-U Light Meter
    Tenba Roadie Air Case Roller 21
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